Devanet opened for business in 1999, specialising in personalised clothing and accessories. Gradually over time, the focus shifted more toward metal hardware customisation with engraving and assembly of products. In 2014, a separate entity of Devanet UK Ltd was formed, to concentrate purely on buckles and belts. As demand increased, additional equipment to create a manufacturing facility was purchased enabling the company to offer a wider range of complementary products. Since that time, every year new investment has helped the company to become more self sufficient in terms of design, production and more capable to offer customers everything from design to finished product.

Devanet UK continues to find new ways to innovate, improve and develop the business, in short, it is the only UK company that we know of that can provide a totally integrated solution to customers who require the whole package of design, prototyping, manufacture, finishing and packaging all branded with customers logo in house for the products we make.

Today, Devanet can design and create a rapid prototype in 48 hours given the right information. The company through diligence, continuous research and determination has put in place the facility to provide machined and cast metals for jewellery, corporate gifts, buckles, bag and shoe components, sports, and other areas of the promotional market sectors.

In 2018 Devanet obtained the licence to market, sell, and apply Nano Ceramic coatings to metals, this product range created a hypo allergenic, anti-tarnish finish among other benefits to jewellery and similar products.

Midway through 2018 the company wanted to improve the time to create prototypes, so investment was made is a Stereolithography laser 3D printing system to be able to offer customers, high definition rapid prototypes, such that these prototypes instead of taking over a week can be completed and shipped in 48 hours

That same year we invested over £25000 in more equipment, notable a custom mad computerised edge stitching machine, this state of the art machine can edge stitch a belt in 40 seconds and with the same accuracy and repeatable quality,

In 2020 amid all the issues with had and the challenges we all faced we went ahead with our R&D investment to develop stainless steel buckles and hardware, so purchased another more specialised precision focused CNC. This machine cut production times down by over 50% for machined buckles and the accuracy and precision is superior especially with fine detail tooling for logos and complex designs. Its forte however is machining hard steels.

Devanet also formed a collaboration agreement with Coniex to represent them on an exclusive basis throughout the UK for their range of enamels, doming resins and Castex silicon moulds. Devanet are building a training room and functional operating laboratory for customers to learn all about the enamelling processes and what Devanet can offer in terms of service and custom made products to complement the enamels and resins.

In 2021, we have already placed orders for a new oven for our enamel and doming resins and are purchasing a new Mimaki print and cut machine which will print hi resolution graphics onto vinyl’s and other metallic substrates using Eco solvent inks. The company will be offering a service for domed labels, domed and enamelled products.

It is so important to us that we continue to improve technically and increase productivity to ensure we remain competitive, at the same time be conscious of the need to service both small and large customers and that is why we have a small order service for many of the entrepreneurs and start up business to help them produce British Made products - something we should all strive to support.

We are to coin the old cliche, "customer driven" it is however so true, because without our customers we would not have a business. We will continue to keep up to date with technology and we will endeavour to offer all our customers the total package from design to finished product whenever we can.

A British owned company that is trying to make a small difference through bespoke solutions for our customers, employment of people and above all the satisfaction of doing a job to the best of our ability every-time.