At Devanét®, we use a Nano Ceramic coating system to enhance the properties of buckles, jewellery, and metal gifts. Nano Ceramic coatings are ideal for fashion, corporate, promotional, and retail gifts in jewellery, as it guarantees a protective layer against tarnishing and provides a strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion. It is the most robust coating available that we know off that has test results to back up the performance and proven results with customers throughout the world.

One of the additional benefits to the jewellery and component market for fashion accessories is that the coating we apply is Hypo Allergenic and therefore suitable for people with metal allergies. At Devanet, we use a minimum coating weight of 20 microns, guaranteeing long lasting results. Nano Ceramic coating is translucent, therefore meaning the shine and reflection of your original product will still be there.

Nano Ceramic coating is suitable for metals such as Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper, Titanium and Bronze and also Precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum.


Devanet undertake the ceramic coating inhouse from start to finish, there are some important notes for our customers, please see below…


All products that Devanet apply Nano Ceramic coating to must be suitable for hanging or hollow so we can place a fixture on the inside to support to product. A very thin wire is fixed to the item either on the inside of the product or a hangable area of the product (e.g. a loop)

Engraving and design

Devanet always recommend that we engrave logos or designs before Nano Ceramic coating as the engraving with our laser will penetrate and potentially damage the coating.

The Process

Each item is cleaned ultrasonically, to remove any grease marks to allow our Nano Ceramic coating to take properly. The product is then submerged into the Nano Ceramic coating and is electrically applied for 20/30 seconds depending on size, until the product is totally covered. The product is left to air cure for 30 mins, before being baked at 160 degrees for 1 hour.

Finish supplied.

The products must be supplied mirror polished and clean, we do offer a polishing and cleaning service and a masking service if required.

Not suitable


Although the standard colours are just 22 including clear, our new lab mixing capability will be able to mix other colours on demand for customers. This new facility has already been implemented in our 2k ceramic and is now being rolled out for the nano ceramic range. If you require a special nano ceramic colour let us know and we will see if we can help you. This technology opens up opportunities from the traditional plating and polishing of Pewter to exciting performance benefits with just a clear coat, or colours with stunning finishes and it works on most metals but especially polished versions. For matte and other opaque colours use our 2k ceramic.

Devanet will design and offer a cost-effective Nano Ceramic coating solution for any of our metal products. For example, our 2k ceramic coating outlasts stainless steel for corrosion.

Devanet can offer a complete coating service for small or large volumes of components or buckles, prices are based on the overall size of the object to be coated and the coating thickness required.

Extensively tested against various chemicals, abrasion, UV and elements that can affect the performance and tarnishing of metals that have been plated or are in their natural state.

Devanet are the only UK company to provide totally integrated services for ceramic coatings of jewellery, flocking, powder coating, electro plating and other plating and coating services inhouse at our factory in Cheshire.

If there’s anything we can help you with, or for any enquiries, please contact our friendly sales team!


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