Devanet offer a ‘tumbling’ service, to help to prepare metal components for things such as plating, engraving or just general day to day usage. The process of tumbling means we can get a rough, unfinished piece of metal and turn it into a smoother, more workable product, ending up with a stunning polished satine finish. There are 2 stages of tumbling that we do here a Devanet, to guarantee the best results for you.

Stage 1 - Ceramic Media (Hard Tumbling)

Devanet use Ceramic Tumbling Media for cutting and flattening steel and stainless-steel parts to prepare them for polishing. This is what we call stage 1 tumbling. Ceramic media is primarily used in vibratory finishing applications to smooth surface roughness, Break edge radius, reduce sharpness, blend tooling paths, polish, deburr, and many other useful finishing applications. Devanets vibratory tumbler has the capability to do multiple items at once (size dependant for total numbers at a time) Stage 1 tumbling usually takes place for 1-2 hours, depending on the products initial state.

Stage 2 - Magnetic Tumbling (Finishing Tumbling)

Devanet finish products that have been tumbled in our magnetic tumbler. This means that we can achieve a beautiful satine finish to items that have been through our tumbling process. The polished finish is achieved by magnetised metal pins putting the product under constant abrasion, giving it its finished and final sophisticated look. A precise surface finish is distributed across the products, as our media range from 0.2-0.5mm and therefore can get into tight, sharp spaces. Matte, satine and semi-gloss finishes can be achieved by manipulating the final tumbling process. Gloss finishes can be achieved by applying specially enhanced gloss clear nano ceramic coating.

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